Meet the Cast and Crew

Rocky Stoane

Rocky Stoane, known to most as a voice on TV and radio spots or on stage for multiple performances each year. Prior to his Tri-State limelight, Stone has been an amateur artist and once had dreams of becoming an interior decorator or a hand model scout for a designer magazine.

Don’t let his name fool you. Even though Rocky Stone is a solid adventure-goer, he still hasn’t conquered all that’s waiting for him in the real world. Embarking for 100 DAYS, Stone states, “I’m signed up for the scenery. I love to see new places because I have great expectations of the unknown.” Trying new things is not Rocky’s problem, it’s his phobias that get in the way. “Shirts are like wearing a badge of honor. I’ve eaten the hottest, rode the fastest, dared the boldest, surveyed the funnest. I hope to at least get one of those shirts by the end of summer.” Stone professes.

His fun loving attitude and living in the moment humor is exactly why he was asked to become part of this grand venture to face his fears across America.