100 Shirts 100 Days

A New Television Show is coming to your town!

This soon to be nationwide traveling series relates to a vast audience and hosts crave “Shirt Worthy Destination” hot spots to encourage travelers to seek their own shirt-filled adventure!


There’s nothing more American than a t-shirt telling everyone where you’ve been, and what you’ve done. Billboards of fond memories. Whether it’s climbing, soaring, dining, surviving, or just expressing ourselves, if your regionally known gem is a Shirt Worthy Destination, then we want a chance to earn one of our own memories. But we’re on a schedule people!!! We need 100 of the coolest, raddest shirts, scooped up in only 100 DAYS! All with your help.


The cast and crew want to make it easy. Depending on how we are going to earn our shirt on the episode, we would like to be as creative as possible to make the best show and make your property shine on screen! Access, hours, and special requirements are different for every location. We may only need a few hours, or our activities could take most of the day. The best part to you is we travel in small numbers and work very well with others. And a little help on your part will make your location and shirt look even better! Our show coming to town can draw a crowd once the cameras start rolling. As long as we have interference-free takes, we’re all about having fun! Now you can too, but space is limited! It’s first come, first serve or you’ll have to wait for next season. Shirts Gonna Happen!


It’s the best advertising you can do for your attraction. Making one of our 100SHIRT selections means you’ll be one of our featured Shirt Worthy Destinations on our series that will take us from Coast to Coast. And it all starts here! By allowing us to film at your place of business, you’ll not only be on a syndicated travel show, but your attraction will be placed on our SHIRT HAPPENS ADVENTURE MAP  that will include details about your business and and a link to your website. Plus we will have a full merchandise page with select shirts, memorabilia, bonus material, and more!


100DAYS 100SHIRTS is a family friendly, Network ready telecast format. Our general audience focus is male/female age 25-45. Our activities upon arrival (depending on each location) will be a site overlook, our cast and crew safe areas and boundaries, and briefing of what our episode portion will entail. Then the fun begins with exploration, learning about the site, Shirts Gonna Happen Challenge where others try random challenges for a shirt, and of course our big event to earn that cotton collectable to hang in our 100CLUB Closet.